Curry Tip

Curry Tip: Dumplings


A hotspot among the Hong Kong and Macau foodie scene, Curry Tip is a popular noodle shop with a loyal following.

Over sixty years of history is in its local secret recipes, particularly with the Macau-style curry, featuring more than 100 ingredients!

Visitors are recommended to try to the Cow Bone Soup Curry with Beef Flank, Beef Brisket with Tendon, and the Homemade Dumplings. With three different levels of spice available to guests, it’s probably best if first-time visitors opt for mild or medium-spice unless they can handle the heat!

Contact Details

n 71 Rua de Bruxelas, Macau
(853) 2875 7777

11:30 - 02:00


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