Garden of Tai Tam Hill

Garden of Tai Tam Hill Macau: Grass Skii Slope


A short distance away from Macau International Airport, the Garden of Tai Tam Hill is a perfect natural retreat in Macau, featuring observation decks and barbeque pits.

Like the Hác-Sá Reservoir Country Park, Tai Tam Hill has grass skiing. Another favourite activity to do here is bird watch; egrets and herons are regularly spotted.

Tourists should note that public transportation does not go directly to Tai Tam Hill. Instead, to get here head to the airport and walk from there. It is only 200 metres away. Its location makes it a perfect place for those flying out of Macau to relax after check-in.

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Garden of Tai Tam Hill, Estrada da Ponta da Cabrita, Macau

24 hours