StarWorld Macau Casino


An electric and intensified atmosphere is what visitors to StarWorld Macau Casino at the Starworld Hotels and Resorts can expect.

At over 140,000 sq. ft, the StarWorld Macau Casino offers its guests a fun gaming experience with 240 gaming machines, 250 table games, and eight poker tables. The casino’s aesthetic and lively pulse contributes to its fun ambience, of course, housing the largest indoor LED wall in Macau and numerous live stage performances on offer probably have something to do with it.

StarWorld Casino’s gaming experience is on its first, third and fourth floors. Its third floor is notable for both its poker room and the new live e-gaming offerings. For VIPs, rooms are on eight floors throughout the complex.

StarWorld Casino offers a free shuttle bus service, equipped with free Wi-Fi.

Contact Details

StarWorld Hotel, Avenida da Amizade, Macau
(853) 2838-3838
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24 hours


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