Lok Sun Claypot Rice (洛神煲仔飯)


Inspired by a Clay Pot Rice shop in Hangzhou, Lok Sun Claypot Rice has made a name for itself by winning multiple iFood Awards, including, “The Favourite Clay Pot Rice” and “The Favourite Food & Beverage Award”.

A take-out only place, it is a perfect (and budget-friendly) way for weary visitors to grab good food and return to the comfort of their hotel to enjoy and relax.

Their main attraction is their selection of Clay Pot Rice dishes, but do not miss out on their Signature Chicken Leg in Soy Sauce.

Contact Details

Rua da Alegria No 10, Chun Hou Kok, R/C, Macau
(853) 6559 5613
(853) 2835 1600

11:00 - 14:30
17:30 - 22:00


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