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A small and busy shop found on a busy street near the pier, Luk Kee Noodle, is a family owned lively noodle shop. The second-generation owner-chef insists on making his popular noodles the traditional way – with a bamboo stick!

Noted as a Bib Gourmand destination, for its simple yet skillful cooking at low prices, with most of its menu ranging between 40-80 MOP ($5-$10 USD.) Visitors must try the Noodles with Dried Prawn Roe (38 MOP, $5 USD), the Crispy Fish Balls (52 MOP, $6.50), and the Congee with Crab bowl (80 MOP, $10 USD.)

First come, first served at this restaurant. Reservations not accepted.

Contact Details

G/F, 68 R. da Felicidade, Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro, Macau
(853) 2855 9627

18:30 - 02:30


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