Restaurante Birmanes Nga Heong

Restaurante Birmanes Nga Heong: Entrance Restaurante Birmanes Nga Heong Macau: Exterior


Offering guests budget-friendly Burmese cuisine, Restaurant Birmanes Nga Neong is a favourite among Macanese locals.

This restaurant has a long history in the city having been established over 30 years ago. While it’s on the smaller side, the ambience here is quaint and cosy.

Must-try dishes include: Black Soy Milk and Black Glutinous Rice Mixed with Soya Bean Milk, made and bottled by the restaurant (10 MOP, $1.25 USD); the Fish Soup Noodle made with Chinese Catfish (19 MOP, $2.50 USD); and the Pig Ear Salad in Burma-style (38 MOP, $4.75 USD).

Visitors should note that the entrance to the restaurant may be a bit tricky to find as its located inside a building rather than directly on the street.

Contact Details

Rua De Fernao Mendes Pinto, No. 27, F-R/C, Macau
(853) 2852 8129

10:00 - 19:45


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